Spirit GUI Patch | Version 2.4.1

Posted on 12/12/2018 12:25:05 AM



Thank you all for the great feedback on the Christmas town of Krona. We love changing the scenery for you all, and plan to do so for most major holidays! As of this update, we have a patch for you that involves a lot of essential things that you've been asking for. We're constantly working to make Krona a better place for you to spend time, and this is just a step in the right direction! Enjoy the update. Gunner is coming!



Spirit Specific Changes & Updates

  • The Spirit Interface has been greatly improved. You can find most information in the new Spirit tab on the character window (H).
  • The Spirit HUD has been revamped and is now more efficient/smaller and only displays the most important information.
  • We've changed the color of the Spirit's HP bar to a blue color, to separate its appearance from the character HP bar.
  • The Spirits have been re-positioned where they float in comparison to your character, as well as where they spawn at.
  • You can now re-roll any level of your Spirit at the [Spirit Collector] Oz NPC in Flaris (this requires a Spiritual Exchange).




General Server Changes

  • From now on, your Character Status HUD and all "target" windows will now stay positioned where you have them and not reset.
  • With this update, your progress against World Bosses & Clockworks will now be saved even after crashing/disconnecting! 
    • This basically means if you do 1% to the World Boss or Clockworks and re-log in, you will still get drops.
  • The "Scroll of Sprint" has been added to the Vote Mall. It increases your movement speed by 30% for 30 minutes.
  • The "Stay Connected" event system has been limited to 5 characters per IP address. Your characters still must be level 100 or higher.


Just so everyone knows, we're continuously reading and updating the approved suggestions list. The suggestions forum has been removed due to us using Discord as the primary source of handling our suggestions from now. You can check the Approved Suggestions List by clicking it there. Please continue to suggest ideas and things to help Krona, and we'll get them implemented!


A 2x Penya drop event will be active in Whimsical Forest until Monday (December 17th)

There will be another update on Friday (December 14th) at 00:00 GMT +1 addressing the pace at which you gear up, as well as additional balance changes. Have a great day, and thanks for supporting Krona!