Secret Room | Version 2.5.1

Posted on 1/7/2019 12:54:53 AM



As we head into the new year, we're working on doing things right. A lot of patience has been asked of the community, but we want you all to know that we're working as hard as we can on the server and making sure it's in the place we want it to be! Thanks for being patient, and enjoy the update.


General Fixes & Changes

  • You can now run Secret Room again, but if you sign up alt-guilds to farm coins, this will result in a permanent ban.
  • Jewelry upgrades now persist through crafting from T1 > T2 > T3 for Onima! Feel free to upgrade any tier now.
  • The chance to acquire cosmetic loot as a drop (besides Lord Sets & Stated Cloaks) has been doubled in all 175 dungeons.
  • Fixed the Corpsemaker boxes for Legionair/Raider armor, they now open on the correct classes like they should.
  • Fixed the "Flash of Magic" and the "Flask of Agility" to give the correct stats now.
  • All of the Stated Costume sets now give their correct stats. If you find any incorrect ones, let us know.
  • Raider's "auto attack" damage has been overall reduced (in PvE only) by a general value of 25%.
  • The Raider skill "Swift Destruction" is now an AoE move as it was previously intended.
  • The Raider skill "Swift Destruction" has had it's overall PvE damage modifier reduced by 25%.
  • The Legionair skill "Hail Mary" should now have the proper Damage over Time effect, as it was intended.
  • The Legionair skill "Interstellar Beam" and the Raider skill "Bullet Tornado" now have 15 second cool-downs.
    • The mechanics for these two skills will come in the next update.
  • The Raider buff "Raider's Fury" now increases the caster's "auto attack" damage by 30% instead of 50%.
  • The Legionair buff "Legionair's Blessing" now increases your overall damage by 30% instead of 50%.
  • The Legionair skill "Gravity Collision" now has a 5 second cool-down and the backwards dash mechanic now works as it should.
  • The Legionair skill "Burster Salvos" now gives a -1000 base attack damage debuff on the target.
  • When the a target has the "Burster Salvos" debuff, and then is hit with the "Cosmic Hail" skill, the Cosmic Hail will do double damage.
  • Most of the Legionair/Raider AoE that were doing frontal AoE damage should now work on slopes & height differences.
  • The bug in Whimsical Forest and Frostwind should be resolved now.


PvP Skill Changes/Balance Adjustments

  • Just as a general note, we've decreased damage across the board to prevent siege from being a one-shot fiesta.
  • Blade
    • Nerfed Blade Auto attacks by 20%.
    • Nerfed Assault Strike by 31%
    • Nerfed Flurry Axe by 30%
    • Nerfed Armor Penetration by 25%
    • Nerfed Axe Rain by 26%
    • Nerfed Guillotine by 31%
  • Knight
    • Nerfed Knight Auto attacks by 27%
    • Nerfed Pain Dealer by 26%
    • Nerfed Rising Shield by 33%
    • Nerfed Repel Hit by 32%
  • Billposter
    • Nerfed Billposter Auto attacks by 21%
    • Nerfed ASAL by 35%
    • Nerfed Vein Cut by 33%
    • Nerfed Dragon Fist by 25%
  • Elementor
    • Nerfed Firebird by 29%
    • Nerfed Windfield by 19%
    • Nerfed Ice Missile by 27%
    • Nerfed Meteor Call by 20%
    • Nerfed Tornado Void by 39%
  • Psykeeper
    • Nerfed Shadow Spirit by 33%
    • Nerfed Devouring Phantom by 26%
    • Nerfed Shadow Curse by 35%
    • Nerfed Shadow Waves by 20%
    • Nerfed Shadow Perish by 28%
    • Nerfed Shadow Statement by 23%
    • Nerfed Deprivation by 20%
  • Ranger
    • Nerfed Ranger Auto attacks by 27%
    • Nerfed Hunter Shot by 28%
    • Nerfed Shock Arrow by 21%
    • Nerfed Silent Arrow by 15%
    • Nerfed Fury Shot by 19%
  • Jester
    • Nerfed HoP by 25%
    • Nerfed Vendetta by 23%
    • Nerfed Strangle by 30%
    • Nerfed Lost Dance by 27%
  • Raider
    • Nerfed Raider Auto attacks by 37%
    • Nerfed Nature's Whirlwind by 11%
    • Nerfed Rapid Draw by 42%
    • Nerfed Swift Destruction by 34%
    • Nerfed Boreas Wrath by 11%
    • Nerfed Snipe Shot by 21%
    • Nerfed Bullet Tornado by 30%
  • Legionair
    • Nerfed Legionairs Auto attacks by 10%
    • Nerfed Burster Salvos by 30%
    • Nerfed Cosmic Hail by 29%
    • Nerfed Meteor Flip by 13%
    • Nerfed Hades Vengeance by 14%
    • Nerfed Interstellar Beam by 31%


Item Mall Changes

  • Removed all of the limited edition Christmas Cosmetics from the Cash Shop!
  • Snowsprite Wings and Kheldor Cloaks are now obtainable for only one week so grab them while you can!
  • Added several new costumes to the Cash Shop for players.
  • Raider/Legionair weapon skins have been added to the Cash Shop!



Thanks for sticking with us and being patient while waiting for this great update. Let's have a great year this year, and thanks for supporting us as always. With the new classes in the game, real custom content can begin!




the Krona development team.