Casualization Patch | Version 2.4.2

Posted on 12/15/2018 12:27:24 AM



It's time for another update, and this one brings some changes that have been highly requested by the community! We're always eager to listen to your suggestions on how you think Krona could be better, so if you have an opinion be sure to let us know! Let's keep Krona the best server around together.



General Server Changes

  • The ratio of HP per STA for the Elementor class has been increased.
  • The Ringmaster skill 'Mana Reward' has had its casting time decreased by 10%.
  • The Ringmaster skill 'Mana Reward' has had its damage increased by 10%.
  • The drop rate of Statted Cloaks and Statted sets from Level 175 Dungeons has been increased.
  • The Level 175 Dungeon Les Britannia S was incorrectly offering a difficulty choice upon entry. This has been corrected.
  • The HP of Entaness, the final boss in the Level 175 Dungeon Euphresia has been decreased by 50%.
  • The HP of Siren, the mid-boss in the Level 175 Dungeon Abyssal Cove has been decreased by 50%.
  • The number of War Puppets that spawn during Invasions has been increased.
  • The amount of Penya received in the Colosseum, Temple of Catan, Icy Caverns and Hillid Mountains solo instances has been reverted (increased) to pre-nerf numbers.
  • The x2 Penya drop event running in Whimsical Forest has ended due to the revert of Penya drops in solo instances.
  • The item "Lost Relic of Time" is now a possible drop from the Goldflower Temple dungeon.
  • Frostwind Giants will no longer drop Qurion Weapons. They will now directly drop Shreds of Power instead.
  • Level 175 Corpsemaker Weapons and Armors can now be dismantled into Astral Powder.


PvP Specific Changes

  • Kills by Guild Leaders and kills on Defenders will no longer offer bonus points in Guild Siege. Every kill will now be worth 2 points.
  • You will now be granted 1 second of invisibility upon entering the combat area in Guild Siege.
  • Every Guild Siege will now award Crown/MVP Medal badges.
  • The Guild Siege occurring at 05:00 AM (GMT+1) has been moved to 06:00 AM (GMT+1)
  • The Knight skill 'Rage' has had its PvP Damage bonus increased to 25%.
  • The Blade skill 'Axe Rain' has had its damage reduced by 33%.
  • The Blade skill 'Armor Penetration' has had its damage reduced by 44%.
  • The Elementor skill 'Tornado Void' has had its damage reduced by 42%.
  • The Psykeeper skill 'Devouring Phantom' has had its damage reduced by 35%.
  • The Jester skill 'Vendetta' has had its damage reduced by 30%.
  • Ranger auto-attacks have had their damage reduced by 15%.


PLEASE NOTE: All REFUNDED V1 Donors should please use all of their refunded Crowns before Friday the 21st of December, 2018. We will be prematurely ending the allotted period to spend these Crowns due to the strong negative impact on the in-game economy. Thank you for understanding.

Thanks for the continued support and enthusiasm from the Krona community! We're working hard to ensure that Krona offers everything you could want in a server. Let's keep it up, because Gunner is just around the corner!

More balance changes coming this weekend, so if you're still waiting for something in particular, please be patient!




the Krona development team.