PvP Casualization v2.6.0

Posted on 2/9/2019 12:48:30 AM


Hello everyone, thank you for all the feedback on our most recent patch notes. Based on that feedback, we've changed a few things in the most recent patch. See below for more details.

General/QoL Changes

  • Patched in prerequisites for Battle over the Crystal Mines PvP System so future patches will be easier.
  • Corrected Heal Bonus Relic stat. It should now be 140%, not 800%.
  • You can now change the settings of the DPS meter or disable it in the options menu.
  • Dash skills now should move the character the correct distance.
  • Guillotine SFX has been corrected.
  • You can now swap Spirits, Brooches and Relics through the in-game macro system.
  • You're no longer able to swap during auto attacks, skills and action slot with the in-game macro system.
  • Increased the quantity of powerbinds obtained from pandora's hidden loot box.
  • Moved Scroll of Amplification ES (S) to the premium NPC for 50m each.
  • Increased siege lives to 20 instead of 10.
  • You can now sign your guild up or make a line-up as a kingpin.
  • The 06:00 Siege moved to 15:00 server time.
  • Added guaranteed upgrading rate to jewelry.
  • We have converted Arcane Slots to FlyFF's Ultimate gem system.
    • You will now have 5 arcane slots at max upgraded weapon.
    • The system should auto convert as much as possible, so you shouldn't see to much of a change.
    • You can configure arcane slots at the Everpower Master NPC.
  • You can now have normal awakenings on everpower items, this is in addition to the rerollable everpower lines.
    • This will use the regular awakening and reversion scrolls aready found at Jewel Manager Peach
      • Scroll of Superior Awakening can currently be found in Stay Connected Boxes and Voters Gambling Boxes. We plan to add these to dungeons next patch.
  • Stay Connected Boxes now have 10 Scrolls of Superior Awakening as an additional reward.
  • Voters Gambling Boxes has been updated.

    • Contains one of the following:

      • Powerbinds x50

      • Powerbinds x100

      • Blessing of the Goddess x20

      • Blessing of the Goddess x40

      • Astral Powder x20

      • Astral Powder x40

      • Scroll of Superior Awakening x20

      • Scrol of Superior Awakening x40

      • T3 Beads

      • Dimensional Fragment

  • Increased drop rate of Costumes, Weapon skins, statted Sets and statted Cloaks in eFlyFF dungeons.

Red Chip Shop

As stated previously we have wiped all Blue and Red Chips with this patch with the changes to the shop.

  • Hellish Glyph weapon skins now cost 1000 chips
  • Guan Yu Heavy Shield 2000 chips
  • Statted Sets and Cloaks now costs 10k chips
  • You can now obtain the following items in the chip shop:
    • Battle Force Arcane Everdust x10 (5 chips)
    • Battle Force Shreds of Power x25 (5 chips)
    • Battle Force Everpower Scroll x1 (3 chips)
    • Battle Force Power Serum x1 (3 chips)
    • Battle Force Dragon Stone x1 (37 chips)
    • Battle Force Reverse Enigma x1 (37 chips)
    • Battle Force Powerbinds x50 (15 chips)
    • Blessing of the Goddess x25 (15 chips)
    • Pickup Pet Blessing x10 (15 chips)
    • Legendary Onima T3 Materials x1 (3000 chips)
    • Astral Powder x100 (30 chips)
  • Battle Force Items are materials only usable on PvP gear
    • Battle Force items will be usable next patch.

Balance Changes


General Skill Changes

  • Increased the stun duration of Assault Strike to 0.5 sec
  • Smite Axe and Blazing Sword now give 10% movement speed bonus, in addition to the current stats.
  • Pain Dealer animation speed increased.
  • Knight's Rage now gives +35% Damage and -25% defense, in addition to the current stats.
  • Correctly removed stun from tornado void.
  • Decreased defense of Blade armor sets.
  • Legionair's Cast speed has now been capped at 40%
  • The Jester skill Pandemonium will be added next patch.

PvE Changes

  • Raider auto attack modifier decreased by 6%.
  • Billposter auto attack modifier increased by 4%.
  • Blade auto attack modifier increased by 19%.
  • Ranger auto attack modifier increased by 7%.
  • Tornado Void skill modifier increased by 40%.
  • Devouring Phantom skill modifier increased by 16%.
  • Mana Reward skill modifier increased by 26%.

PvP Changes

  • Shadow Spirit skill modifier decreased by 12%.
  • Deprivation skill modifier decreased by 13%.
  • Ranger Auto attack modifier increased by 5%.

Cash Shop Changes

  • Introducing the Krona Individual Program.
    • This will allow you to choose your own color combination on a specific list of costumes
    • The cost for one set is either 14,500 Crowns or 1,100 Perin.
      • Perin price will change depending on the current market value.
      • Contact @ProtosHeis#7066 on discord to order a set.
    • Current Costumes in the program:
      • Adventurer Set
      • Regal Warrior Set
      • Dream Princess Set
      • Venus Set
      • Armor of the Dragon Set (M/F)
      • High School Winter Uniform (M/F)


  • New Limited Costumes and Cloaks will be available for the next two weeks only.
    • Adventurer Set
    • Hades' Mantle Set
    • Regal Warrior Set (Black/Blue/Red)
    • Dream Princess Set (Blue/Purple/Black)
    • Venus Set
    • Yoshino Set
    • Armor of the Black/Fire/White Dragon Set (M/F)
    • Red/Black/Beige High School Uniform Set (M/F)
    • Dark Night Evil Wings
    • Abyss Evil Wings
    • Golden Dazzle Wings
    • Crimson Lotus Dazzle Wings


  • The following items have been permanently added to the Cash Shop
    • Fashion:
      • Violet Bitty Sprite Wings
      • Divine Bitty Sprite Wings
      • Shadow Bitty Sprite Wings
      • Celestial Rainbow Wings
      • Cesela's Black Moon
      • Dutch Bunny Balloons
      • Binky Bunny Balloons
      • Flower Shaped Fan
      • Magnificent Veined Fan
      • Hell's Wings
      • Phoenix Wings
      • Ashen Phoenix Wings
      • Infernal Phoenix Wings
      • Serena's Moon
      • Snowy White Feathers
      • Purple Snowy Feathers
      • Pink Snowy Feathers
      • Zinnia's Backpack
      • Moe's Brilliant Backpack
    • Functional:
      • Armament Strongbox
      • Divine Armament Strongbox
      • Fireforged Strongbox
      • Divine Fireforged Strongbox


  • On the 9th of Febuary at 20:00 server time there will be an in-game event with multiple special Clockworks' spawned.

The next patch, on Sunday the 10th, will contain the solo dungeon changes as well as the GM shop changes Again thank you for all the patience, and as we've stated before we have a lot of cool things coming for everyone.



the Krona development team.