Solo Mode v2.6.1

Posted on 2/11/2019 1:05:22 AM


Hello everyone, this is part two to the update we had on Friday. Included are the GM Shop changes, solo dungeon changes, and some PvE balance updates with the new awakening system.


General Changes

  • Battle Force items now work as intended and can be used to upgrade PvP gear.

Balance Changes

General Changes

  • Fixed the bug where Ranger's arrows would sometimes not deal damage.

PvE Changes

  • Knight auto attack modifier increased by 4%.
  • Billposter auto attack modifier increased by 2%.
  • Mana Reward skill modifier increased by 55%.
  • Devouring Phantom skill modifier increased by 26%.
  • Shadow Spirit skill modifier increased by 15%.
  • Ice Missile skill modifier increased by 20%.
  • Firebird skill modifier increased by 30%
  • Cosmic Hail skill modifier increased by 22%
  • Burster Salvos skill modifier increased by 22%

Dungeon Changes

  • Next patch all monsters in level 175 dungeons excluding Goldflower and Coloseum Easy have gotten a 20% HP increase.

    • This is due to the huge power creep that occured with release of both relics/brooches and the new awakening system. Please let us know your opinions on this in discord.

  • Onima and Faymarsh Easy modes are now solo dungeons.

    • Previous easy mode items now also drop in hard mode.

      • Hard mode will also drop a large amount of Scroll of Awakening Protections.

    • The new solo mode will also drop hard mode materials at a lower rate

      • Faymarsh Solo/Easy will drop less quantity.

      • Onima Solo/Easy will have lower drop rate.

  • v18 eFlyFF dungeons now have a solo mode.

    • Similar to Onima and Faymarsh this will have a lower drop rate for loot.

  • Tier 1 Brooches and Relics have been moved from Volcano and Catacombs of Anguish to Kalgas Cave for 150 dungeons.

  • Kalgas Cave no longer drops Scroll of Awakening Protections.

Cash Shop Changes

  • There will be a 50% off sale on Iridescent Serums until Friday the 15th of February.


Due to all these new changes we have had recently, we had paused development on dark magic prison. However, the dungeon itself is over halfway done, and it will be our top priority along with the new PvP system. Part of the reason for the delay is we are working to change FlyFF's maximum HP as the current maximum is 2.1b. We will do this by changing the data from a 32 bit integer to a 64 bit integer, which is no easy task. We want people to be able to show off their damage instead of capping damage with high defense. Dark Magic Prison will be officially released the weekend of the 22nd of February. We will also be releasing more previews of Dark Magic Prison on discord in the upcoming week, stay tuned.



the Krona development team.