Hybrid Mounts

Posted on 3/13/2019 11:09:44 PM


Hello everyone, thank you for all the feedback on Dark Magic Prison, we're glad everyone is enjoying the dungeon, even if it was a little buggy at first. We'll continue to balance and fix things as they come up so please keep giving us feedback!


General/QoL Changes

  • The Blue Chip Shop has been fixed.
  • The formula for Red and Blue Chips has been changed.
  • Enchant Poison now has its own skill modifier.
    • The skill will no longer deal damaged based on the hit that applied it.
    • With this we hope to obtain better balance with the Jester class.  



Dungeon Changes

  • All Dungeons
    • Dungeon drops no longer require 1% damage dealt to receive drops.
      • Be sure to still attack the boss at least a little bit though.
  • Goldflower Temple
    • All Goldflower Temple bosses have had their damage reduced.
    • Removed the second Avian from Goldflower Temple.
    • The number of Beetles in Goldflower Temple has been reduced.
    • Increased the drop rate of Corpsemaker Weapons.
    • Armor is now dropped as a full set of a specific class.
  • Dark Magic Prison
    • Now limited to one entry daily.
    • Indra
      • Indra's minions should now always attack the tank unless their is no tank in range.
    • Dead from Etherworld
      • HP has been reduced.
      • No longer spawns as aggressive.
    • Resurrected Corpse of Rampage
      • HP has been reduced.
    • Zirader's Tormented Soul has increased in drop rate.



Hybrid Mounts

  • Beginners will now receive a temporary Beebis the Ostrich mount instead of the Husky mount.
  • To fly while using a hybrid mount, simple double tap the spacebar to enter fly mode.
    • We also have adjusted controls while flying so it should be much smoother.
  • To exit fly mode simply just touch down on the ground.



Cash Shop Updates Mounts

  • The following items have been added to the cash shop permanently.

    • Cyclone Airship Loot Box

    • Motorcycle Loot Box

    • Bouncing Sheep Loot Box

    • Chubby Birdy Loot Box

    • Chick Chubby Birdy Loot Box

    • Sunrise Magic Carpet Loot Box

    • Desert Eclipse Magic Carpet Loot Box

    • Exploration Mech Loot Box

    • Lustrous Crescent Loot Box

    • Molten Steed Loot Box

    • Void Steed Loot Box

    • Silverwave Shark Loot Box

  • The following items have been added to the cash shop until March 29th.

    • Stormbringer Vayu's Loot Box

    • Lightning Cyclone Airship Loot Box

    • Black Steel Cyclone Airship Loot Box

    • Blazing Motorcycle Loot Box

    • Sonic Motorcycle Loot Box

    • Dark Amber Motorcycle Loot Box

    • Chic Pink Sheep Loot Box

    • Dapper Black Sheep Loot Box

    • Honorable Marquis Loot Box

    • Golden Chubby Birdy Loot Box

    • Fiery Chubby Birdy Loot Box

    • Classy Chubby Birdy Loot Box

    • Starlight Magic Carpet Loot Box

    • Pit Steed Loot Box

    • Arctic Nine-tailed Fox Loot Box

    • Nimble Nine-tailed Fox Loot Box

    • Eclipsing Nine-tailed Fox Loot Box

  • These loot boxes will guarantee a mount after 30 boxes.



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the Krona development team.