November 26th, 2018 | Version 2.2.2

Posted on 11/26/2018 3:04:27 AM



Another larger patch with some balance changes, some exciting additions and fixes is upon us! We're delighted with the positive feedback and the buzzing community thus far, and we're happy to see everyone enjoying this brand new iteration of Krona. Thank you to everyone for the support!


Server Fixes/Changes

  • You can now set your Client language to 'French' or 'German' through the Patcher.
  • A 'Costume Acessories' NPC has been added to Flaris.
  • The Invasion system has been modified so that Clockworks will only spawn after the Invasion has ended, provided the minimum kill count has been reached.
  • The Party skill 'Link Attack' has had its base duration increased to 5 minutes and its point cost increased accordingly.
  • The Blade skill 'Assault Strike' has had its range decreased.
  • The Blade skill 'Guillotine' has had its range decreased and its chance to stun removed as this was not an intended skill effect.
  • The Elementor skill 'Firebird' now applies a DOT effect as intended.
  • The Elementor skill 'Ice Missile' has had its projectile speed increased.
  • The Psykeeper skill 'Shadow Spirit' has had its projectile speed increased.
  • Everpower Scrolls have had their success rate slightly increased.
  • Battle Tonics now work in Guild Siege.
  • Obtainable loot for each Dungeon is now displayed in the Travel Atlas.
  • The level 175 eFlyFF Dungeons are now available.
  • Goldflower, Faymarsh Peak and solo instances have had their Penya drop rates decreased to accommodate for new farming areas.
  • The 'Hillid Mountains' and 'Icy Caverns' instances now display their map names correctly.
  • An HP Bar has been added above the Spirit pets.
  • The item 'Spirit Revival' no longer stays in the inventory after use.


We're also pleased to announce that Crown refunds will commence on Saturday December 1st, 2018

Another update will be coming our way tomorrow which will include the new Spirits as well as some exciting new farming areas. Fixes and balance changes for all other classes are also being worked on constantly, so if your class was not addressed in this update, please don't fear!


the Krona development team.