Krona's Pre-Spring Patch

Posted on 2/18/2018 11:56:34 PM




Krona's Pre-Spring Patch



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Spring is in the Air on Krona

Krona's Blooming Sapplings

  • As of this update, we wanted to make sure that beginner's didn't feel there was anything potentially out of their reach. 
    • When you hit level 120, you will now receive a Rookie Cloak of the Dragon Smart Box.
    • As now included in the Level 105 Box (Level Up Reward) is a Big Red Buff Pet with 0/9 Bead Slots.
      • The Rookie Cloak of the Dragon Smart Box gives you an Occult or Ruthless cloak, depending on your class.
      • You can immediately use beads with your buff-pet, they can be purchased from the Pet Tamer.
        • Keep in mind, these items (the cloak/buff pet) are only usable for 14 days.
  • You have 14 days to bloom on Krona! Make sure to use your time wisely and farm and make enough of an impact to buy your own cloak, stated pet and more. Make your way to 175 and become a legend, while picking up some important items along the way!


Server Changes

Server Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements

  • For every update, we do our best to fix as many bugs and issues on the server that are shown to us.
    • We've worked on some optimization that decreases the memory usage and start-up time of the client.
    • We believe we've fixed a significant syncing issue with monsters, this hopefully resolves...
      • When monsters randomly attack you from different/random locations. 
      • When monsters stop walking towards you and then attack from afar. 
    • There was a bug when selling items that totaled over 21p, it's been fixed. You'll now be able to sell shards in bulk.
    • Shreds of Power shouldn't be consumed when double clicked, so we've made it so they don't get consumed. 
    • There was a client crashing issue related to the new staggered HP bars with bosses that had the 5x HP bar, it's been fixed!
    • The spot for the debuff icons on bosses' staggered target window/HP is now fixed.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Of course, with bug fixes comes numerous great Quality of Life changes as well. We're doing what we can to make sure Krona is great!
    • All monsters that are higher than level 20 now have a chance of dropping A/7% cards, this excludes the ticketed farming places.
    • The "Buff Ball" now gives Seraph and Force Master buffs. However, this does not effect SFX pets, nor Buff Balls in Siege/Clash.
      • NOTE: This is a temporary trial of this, if YOU like it, make sure to post and let us know how good of a QoL change it is!
    • The dungeons from level 75 (Volcane) to 135 (Euphresia) now drop Weapon Smartboxes. 
    • The 150 dungeon Contaminated Trails now drops more Chaos Gems/Crystal of Order per run.
    • Stone of Balance has been added to all of the 135 dungeons as loot from the final bosses. 
    • The item "Egg" has been removed from the global drop tables, and has been added to the Pet Tamer for 5m penya. 
    • Temple of Catan now has an increased chance to drop the "Everpower Scroll". 
    • The Darkon 3 invasion spawn has been moved to the Darkon 3 desert for better farm potential.
    • Eillun (Kaillun Grassland) has been added as a location for the autonomous invasion system! Fight to protect the great tree. 
    • We've changed some things involving the Party Finder:
      • Full parties will now render at the bottom of the Party Finder table. Open parties will be near the top. 
      • You will no longer be able to use the "join" button when selecting a party that is full. 
    • The executable window (the Krona window) will now show the character name that is logged in on that client.
    • We've made the "Blessing of the Pet Tamer" item 50m penya instead of 1p each. 
    • We've also added the "Chance of the Pet Tamer" item to the Pet Tamer shop for 50m each.
      • It's been removed from all dungeon drop tables as well.
    • We've decreased the overall drop rate of Conqueror's Blood.


Event Changes

  • Active Events on Krona...
    • Stay Connected: Every hour, your character will receive a "Stay Connected Loot Box" for staying online on Krona!
      • The "Stay Connected Loot Box" can give 10 Remantis Laccotte, or 1 Lost Relic of Time.
      • This event does not have an IP restriction, you can login as many characters as you wish to participate.
      • You must have a level 100 or higher character in order to receive the Stay Connected Loot Box.
    • Donator Recognition Month: For those that helped keep Krona running in the month of February, this event is for you.
      • If you donated more than 100€ in the month of February, you'll be given an exclusive pair of animated wings.
      • If you donated more than 200€ in the month of February, you'll also be given an exclusive set. 
        • Keep in mind, these are purely for transmutation, and have no stats attached to them. 
      • Prizes will be given in the early weeks of March! Thanks for supporting Krona!
  • Changes to Events:
    • No events have been changed in this update.


Donor recognition month event for February! Thank you for supporting Krona.



Cash Shop / Vote Shop

Item Mall Changes

  • Tomorrow (19/02/2018) is the last day of our PvP bundle sale. Make sure to get your PvP bundles at reduced costs while you can!
  • Fireforged/Divine Fireforged Strongbox now gives the proper amount of materials needed. 
    • NOTE: All players who bought this package have received their missing materials on the character they opened the box on.

Vote Mall Changes

  • No vote mall changes have occurred in this update.


As normal, we're working as hard as we can to make sure that Krona is the most ideal place for any Flyff player to be. We're pushing the limits, while preserving the nostalgia of this game that we all love! Continue to give us your feedback and opinion on how things are working, and any suggestions that could make Krona an even better experience in the discussion thread:


Spring is coming! More updates are on the way. Make sure to stick with Krona through 2018, as we take back our spot as the #1 server!



the Krona team.