A Grasp for Power Update

Posted on 3/3/2018 12:02:54 AM




A Grasp for Power Update



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[ The Magic of Powerbinds | Server Changes | Event Changes ] 


The Magic of Powerbinds

Krona's Powerbind System

  • With this system, the official implementation for Powerbinds on the 175 weapons and armor has been completed. 
    • With Epic Gear you will be given three lines of awakenings, with Legendary Gear, you will be given four lines when maxed. 
    • You can use Powerbinds which are obtainable from the level 175 dungeon, "The Temple of Catan" on Krona. 
    • In order to use the Powerbind system, just go to the Everpower NPC. 
    • Essentially, you are given lines of awakenings, which you use "Power Serum" to awaken.
      • If you got your ideal awakening, you can use "Powerbinds" to seal that awake per re-roll attempt. It costs:
        • 1 line(s) saved is 12 Powerbinds. 
        • 2 line(s) saved is 24 Powerbinds. 
        • 3 line(s) saved is 48 Powerbinds.
    • See the image below for an example.



Server Changes

Server Bug Fixes & Security Improvements

  • We've also taken a huge stab at security and overall game-play improvement this update.
    • We've added multiple client security fixes. 
    • Fixed the irritating client crash from targets disappearing during combat (crashing while target used Dark Illusion).
    • Fixed the crash related to memory allocation during the fight with Clockworks. 
    • Fixed another crash related to being in a party with other players during the fight with Clockworks. 
    • There was a bug where "1 damage" could happen sometimes during PvP, this has been fixed.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Of course, we wouldn't forget about normal QoL updates/changes with this too.
    • The item drop "Conqueror's Blood" has been removed from all of the World Bosses, this excludes Clockworks. 
    • The "Physical Attack" has been increased for all Fire A/Molten A cards. 
    • The "Critical Chance" has been replaced with "Physical Attack" on all Electric/Jolt cards. 
    • The "STA" awakening values on 175 Everpower weapons/armor are now 5, 10 and 15.
    • The "HP" awakening values on 175 Everpower weapons/armor are now 500, 1125 and 1875.

Balance Changes & Improvements

  • Although we have no balance updates for this change, we felt it was right to inform people of what was going on.
    • We understand that the 175 PvP environment is severely unbalanced right now, introducing brand new sets, 100 more stats and further changes are likely the reason for the severe unbalance on Krona's siege at the moment. 
    • However, we have a large team of balancers working tirelessly to re-balance/change the state of Krona's balance! Keep that in mind when working on PvP gear on Krona! We will have a perfect balance soon!


Event Changes

Krona's Event Changes

  • Active Events on Krona...
    • Stay Connected: Every hour, your character will receive a "Stay Connected Loot Box" for staying online on Krona!
      • The "Stay Connected Loot Box" can give 5 Remantis Laccotte, or 1 Lost Relic of Time.
      • This event does not have an IP restriction, you can login as many characters as you wish to participate.
      • You must have a level 100 or higher character in order to receive the Stay Connected Loot Box.
  • Changes to Events:
    • Stay Connected, now gives 5x "Remantis Laccotte" instead of 10x "Remantis Laccotte".
    • Donor Recognition Month, this event is now over. People who donated the proper amounts in February will be given their rewards soon.



As for updates on the Goldflower Temple, we are working feverishly to get this out as soon as possible, please hold inquiries on it as we will update you when the time comes for the release. Please discuss changes in the new update discussion thread, which you can find here:


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