Krona's Turning Point Updates (Part 1.1)

Posted on 3/11/2018 11:05:57 PM




Krona's Turning Point Update (Part 1.1)



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[ Turning Point Update | Server Changes | Event Changes ] 


The Turning Point

Krona's Turning Point

  • We created a plan, and now we're working towards the goals of that plan. This series of updates will be parts of this, effecting both PvE and PvP environments on Krona. Not every update is guaranteed to have both PvP and PvE, but will have at least one or the other. 
    • In this Turning Point, we've changed the following things:
      • The "Onima Cave" dungeon boss "Eva" now drops using the World Boss loot system.
      • The "Faymarsh Peak" bosses now all drop using the World Boss loot system.
      • The "Frostwind Docks" and "Frostwind Abyss" giants now drop with the World Boss loot system.
        • INFO: The World Boss loot system gives individual loot to each character participating (exclude alt characters).
      • "Abyssal Mud", "Boulder Guard" and "Raven Vanguard" bosses have had their HP increased.
      • Upgrading Epic Everpower armor/weapons is now easier/has a higher rate of success per upgrade tier.


Server Changes

Miscellaneous Server Changes

  • While our primary focus is on major changes to the PvE/PvP systems on Krona, we do include important fixes/changes here too.
    • Seraph buffs have been removed from the Buff Ball, and the Assist buffs given are now level 1 instead of level 2 again.
    • All animation speeds have been fixed for pets/monsters. 
    • There was an issue with "Arcane Slots" on the Everpower weapon giving stats on the off-hand Slayer weapons. This has been fixed.
    • There was a client crash occurring with random skills on certain classes, this is fixed now. 
    • We hopefully resolved some of the weird party issues that have been occurring! 

Balance Changes & Improvements

  • Although we have no PvP balance updates for this change, we felt it was right to inform people of what was going on.
    • We understand that the 175 PvP environment is severely unbalanced right now, introducing brand new sets, 100 more stats and further changes are likely the reason for the severe unbalance on Krona's siege at the moment. 
    • However, we have a large team of balancers working tirelessly to re-balance/change the state of Krona's balance! Keep that in mind when working on PvP gear on Krona! We will have a perfect balance soon!


Event Changes

Krona's Event Changes

  • Active Events on Krona...
    • Stay Connected: Every hour, your character will receive a "Stay Connected Loot Box" for staying online on Krona!
      • The "Stay Connected Loot Box" can give 5 Remantis Laccotte, or 1 Lost Relic of Time.
      • This event does not have an IP restriction, you can login as many characters as you wish to participate.
      • You must have a level 100 or higher character in order to receive the Stay Connected Loot Box.
  • Changes to Active Events:
    • No changes to events occurred in this update.


As for updates on the Goldflower Temple, it’s nearing completion and will be here by the end of this week! Please discuss changes in the new update discussion thread, which you can find here...


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