Krona's Turning Point Updates (Part 2)

Posted on 3/21/2018 1:17:07 AM




Krona's Turning Point Update (Part 2)



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[ Goldflower, Faymarsh & Catan, Level 150 Stopping Point | Server Changes ]

[ Event Changes | Item Mall Changes ] 


Goldflower, Catan/Faymarsh Changes, Level 150

Goldflower Temple

  • In this Turning Point update, we've added the new Goldflower Temple dungeon to Krona.
    • This dungeon will drop Power Serums, Everpower Scrolls, Pandora's Hidden Loot Box, and level 175 Armor/Weapons.
    • All bosses from the Temple of Catan have been moved to the Goldflower Temple. 


The long awaited Goldflower Temple...



Temple of Catan

  • Along with the Goldflower Temple is the new Temple of Catan dungeon. 
    • The Temple of Catan is now a 1v1 farming dungeon!
    • Each wave will consist of a boss that gives you a good amount of gold, and 1v1 characters will excel in this dungeon. 
    • The chests at the end of the dungeon now contain a random amount of Shreds of Power and Astral Powder. 

Faymarsh Peak

  • Faymarsh Peak has also undergone a significant change here in this update. 
    • This dungeon now has 4 daily entries for all players per day. Each run should take less time than before. 
    • The amount of Crigoks and Backwood Troopers have been drastically reduced. 
    • Loot tables related to the bosses in Faymarsh Peak have been modified.
    • The crafting recipe to create one "insignia" has been changed. 

Level 150 Stopping Point Changes

  • With the addition of these changes, the level 150 stopping point has been altered. Please recommend the following to new players when asked, or direct them to this section for more assistance. 
    • You should move past the level 150 stopping point when you have a +10 set, and a +20 weapon.
    • B cards, and 4% cards are acceptable. Just grab some quick gear and move on.
    • The 1v1 farming dungeon/Dark Traesia are both possible with moderate gear now.


Server Changes

Other Server Changes

  • While our primary focus is on major changes to the PvE/PvP systems on Krona while we undergo the Turning Point updates, there is always general changes and modifications that need to occur on the server as well. 
    • We've increased the drop rate of Everdust per giant in the Frostwind giant hunting locations.
    • Dark Traesia monsters have received nerfs. 
    • We've gone through and significantly improved the Dark Traesia spawns!
    • The defense for all monsters from level 150 to level 174 has been decreased.
    • The Everpower upgrading requirements and rates have been completely changed for both Epic and Legendary tiers.
    • Colosseum will now drop Powerbinds instead of Power Serums. 
    • The "group" sections of Frostwind have been fixed. Only people in the party can attack the giants and receive individual loot.
    • The Guild Warehouse was having some crashing/bugged out issues, these have hopefully been resolved.
    • Azria tickets have been removed from the server.

Balance Changes & Improvements

  • Although we have no PvP balance updates for this change, we felt it was right to inform people of what was going on.
    • We understand that the 175 PvP environment is severely unbalanced right now, introducing brand new sets, 100 more stats and further changes are likely the reason for the severe unbalance on Krona's siege at the moment. 
    • However, we have a large team of balancers working tirelessly to re-balance/change the state of Krona's balance! Keep that in mind when working on PvP gear on Krona! We will have a perfect balance soon!


Event Changes

Krona's Event Changes

  • Active Events on Krona...
    • Stay Connected: Every hour, your character will receive a "Stay Connected Loot Box" for staying online on Krona!
      • The "Stay Connected Loot Box" can give 5 Remantis Laccotte, or 1 Lost Relic of Time.
      • This event does not have an IP restriction, you can login as many characters as you wish to participate.
      • You must have a level 100 or higher character in order to receive the Stay Connected Loot Box.
    • Double EXP: From this point until this upcoming Monday (26/03/2018), you will receive double EXP when leveling.
    • Double DROP: From this point until this upcoming Monday (26/03/2018), all dungeon bosses will drop double the items.
      • Keep in mind, these events will end before Monday, meaning Monday is not included. 
  • Changes to Active Events:
    • Double EXP and Double DROP until Monday (26/03/2018), Monday not included.


Item Mall Changes

Kheldor's Comeback

  • The Kheldor stated cloaks are back into the Item Mall for a limited time! This sale includes Occult, Ruthless and Durable cloaks. 
    • Each cloak has a 40 box guarantee. You must open all 40 boxes on the same character to receive the guarantee.
    • The cloaks will be removed from the Item Mall on April 1st, 2018. Get yours while you can!


Kheldor back on the market... grab yours today!



As we push out one of our largest updates yet, turning Krona into a much more casual game-style. We want to hear your opinions, suggestions and opinions as we continue forward. What are your thoughts? Share with us in the Turning Point updates discussion thread below.


Don't forget to bring your friends, vote daily, and have a great time playing Krona! See you for the next Turning Point update.



the Krona team.