Krona's Final Turning Point Update

Posted on 4/10/2018 12:31:52 AM



Turning Point Update (Final)



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[ Dungeon Difficulties | Server Casualization | General Changes & Fixes ] 

[ Event Changes | Item/Vote Mall Changes ]


Dungeon Difficulties Comes to Krona

Easy & Hard Mode Introduced

  • With our need for casualized gameplay, Easy and Hard mode was one of the first things added to our lists of importance. Krona's own twist to the design/implementation of the system, this Easy and Hard mode gameplay will help new players jump into the action faster, and give the older players a bit more of a challenge when doing the dungeons!
    • Upon entering a dungeon, the party leader will dictate whether or not they're entering the easy or the hard instance.
    • Party members will not be able to enter the dungeon until the party leader has decided the difficulty.
    • Drops are different for both difficulties, as are monster HP, attack and various other aspects of the dungeons.
    • Easy/Hard mode has been added to these dungeons:
      • Onima, Faymarsh, Colosseum and Goldflower.

Welcome, Easy/Hard mode, we've been awaiting you!



Server Casualization

Krona's Complete Casualization

  • In this update, we make several needed changes to make our game here on Krona more casual. That means less time spent doing the grindy stuff, and more time spent doing the things you enjoy. We understand people's busy schedules, and we want to be able to accommodate to all aspects of players.
    • Beginner Dungeon Changes (Level 1 to Level 150)
      • We've added all green sets to the Level Up Reward boxes until level 105. They will no longer drop from monsters. 
      • We've decreased the health for all regular monsters in every dungeon from level 75 to 150.
      • We've decreased the attack from all mid-bosses/bosses in every dungeon from level 75 to 150.
      • Fire Breathe has been completely removed from both Red Meteonyker and the Flame King Meteonyker.
      • All attacks that cause stun have been completely removed from the Mushmoot and Kururung bosses in Contaminated.
      • A modification to the Traesia spawns have been made in this update. 
    • End-Game Dungeon Changes (Level 175)
      • We've adjusted the amount of health for all monsters in every 175 dungeon. 
      • The amount of guaranteed loot has been adjusted for the Faymarsh Peak dungeon.
      • The amount of entries for Faymarsh Peak has been changed from 4 entries to 2 entries. 
      • All bosses of Goldflower Temple (excluding the final boss) now drop individual loot, not group loot.
      • Colosseum loot has been adjusted and the final boss will now drop Shreds of Power.
      • Colosseum now has 10 daily entries, to help players get their Powerbinds and Shreds of Power.


General Changes & Fixes

Fixes & Changes

  • Aside from casualization and the easy/hard mode that's been implemented in this update, we have made other fixes as well.
    • We've corrected the Legendary-tier upgrading rates to our originally intended rates. (Excluding Everpower Scrolls, +10 to +11)
    • We've increased the rate of succeeding when using an Everpower Scroll for all Epic-tier 175 weapons and sets. 
    • The Healing effect on Insignias have been corrected in this update.
    • The Buff Ball has been fixed at the Goldflower Temple entrance. 
    • Colosseum will now drop Powerbinds from all "real" bosses, as intended. 
    • The Windtracker Set/Cloak in the Orb of the Huntsman store have been drastically changed. 
      • The Windtracker Sets/Cloaks prior to this update are now the "Founders" versions. Giving full stats.
      • The Orb Shop Windtracker Sets/Cloaks now give half of the stats that the donor equivalent sets give.
      • It is now only 2000 Orbs per set/cloak, instead of 20,000 Orbs each. 
    • The Shrine Sorceress Hair piece had an extra long forehead, that's been fixed. 
    • The crafting recipe for insignias has been changed. 
    • The "Book of Fabrication" now has a higher chance of succeeding when used. 
  • We've also made some changes to the leveling on Krona.
    • We've now wiped all types of amps from the server, and removed all current methods to obtain them in-game. 
      • This includes: level up reward boxes, the masquerpet coin store, the premium shop and the voting mall.
    • General leveling EXP has been multiplied by the same rate as if you were using 3 ES (S) amps and 1 Q amp now. 
    • The Amplification ES (S) scroll has been added to the donor mall. 


Event Changes

Krona's Event Changes

  • Active Events on Krona...
    • Stay Connected: Every hour, your character will receive a "Stay Connected Loot Box" for staying online on Krona!
      • The "Stay Connected Loot Box" can give 5 Remantis Laccotte, or 1 Lost Relic of Time.
      • This event does not have an IP restriction, you can login as many characters as you wish to participate.
      • You must have a level 100 or higher character in order to receive the Stay Connected Loot Box.
  • Changes to Active Events:
    • No changes to events were made in this update.


Item/Vote Mall Changes

Krona's Item/Vote Mall Changes

  • The Scroll of Amplification ES (S) was added to the donor mall.
  • The Scroll of Amplification (Q) was removed from the vote mall.

As we push out one of our largest updates yet, turning Krona into a much more casual game-style. We want to hear your opinions, suggestions and opinions as we continue forward. What are your thoughts? Share with us in the Turning Point updates discussion thread below.

Don't forget to bring your friends, vote daily, and have a great time playing! This was the final Turning Point update, so we will see you next time for some changes to the PvP aspect, and other awesome features, going into Krona soon!



the Krona team.